Real Science is in the Bathroom

Much has been written about the lack of scientists and engineers in our American society.  A special effort (STEM) has been launched to encourage women to pursue careers in Math, Science, Technology and Engineering.  But I have discovered where our scientists have been hiding.

You only need to take a look at your bathroom products, to discover where the best scientists have landed.  These products contain incredible advances such as “gravity defying ingredients.”  I imagine that Elon Musk in his attempt to build rockets would want to plunder that R&D group.  There is a product my wife recently bought called “Better Than Sex” eyelash enhancer which guarantees an improvement in the volume of your eyelashes of 1944%.  Think of the precision that that statement requires.  There is a testing process and department that is way beyond the old mil spec tolerances.

And drug researchers abound in the products that guarantee new hair growth or rejuvenation.  A number of them are in the forefront of using stem cell technologies.  Although it is possible it this the cells from the stems of various fruit plants.  Nonetheless they tout their ability to strengthen and regrow hair.  Skin products, too, have progressed to amazing levels.  They have anti-aging creams that actually claim to turn back the aging process.  I’ve secretly been eating these creams for years but have yet to see a big difference yet.

So for fun, next time you are in the shower, take the time to read the labels of a few of your favorite products and be amazed as I am at the wonderful and many advances in bathroom products.


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